Best Zombie Games

Best Zombie Games Platz 10: Days Gone

Mehr Top-Listen: Zombies sind ganz und gar nicht tot: Uns fallen zumindest neun Spiele 20ein, in denen die. Dann geht es wieder und wieder gegen immer stärkere Zombie-Horden, bis man irgendwann zwangsläufig ins Gras beißt. 7 Days to Die ist also. Taktik soll generell eine Rolle spielen, denn anders als in vielen anderen Zombiespielen habt ihr gegen die fiesen Freaker nur mit überlegtem. Die besten kostenlosen Zombie-Games. Gratis Gruselstunden mit Hirnfressern. | von Redaktion Die besten kostenlosen. Das Spiel ist für PS4, Xbox One, Ps2, Xbox und PC verfügbar. Walking Dead​: Eines der bekanntesten Zombie-Games. Sie schließen sich mit.

Best Zombie Games

Die besten kostenlosen Zombie-Games. Gratis Gruselstunden mit Hirnfressern. | von Redaktion Die besten kostenlosen. Mehr Top-Listen: Zombies sind ganz und gar nicht tot: Uns fallen zumindest neun Spiele 20ein, in denen die. Das Spiel ist für PS4, Xbox One, Ps2, Xbox und PC verfügbar. Walking Dead​: Eines der bekanntesten Zombie-Games. Sie schließen sich mit.

Explorable Interiors: The buildings in this MMO aren't just for decoration; they're entirely explorable, and full of possible loot and the infected.

No Talk, All Bite: These new monsters are nothing to bat an eye at. Some of the infected have fused together.

Miscreated is a survival online open-world sandbox based in the aftermath of a nuclear fallout. While not strictly a zombie game, the mutants that roam the world are just as unfriendly as any undead you could come across.

This apocalyptic world has been reclaimed by nature and features dynamic weather, explorable caves and caverns, and vehicles that traverse both land and water.

Miscreated was developed by Entrada Interactive, an entirely internet-based game company, which consists of about 20 employees spanning the globe.

They communicate solely through Discord, and began developing Miscreated as volunteers. He's ugly, he's gross, and he'll probably eat you.

More Than Mouth: Some mutants are more than your mindless zombie. Some are armed. This guy, Spiker, has a spike for an arm, and looks adapt at using it.

You can explore the open-world with friends, build extensively, craft using over recipes, and you can grow your character through over 60 multi-tiered skill and perk groups.

The game also acts as an RPG and tower defense game. Your sole purpose within the game is to survive for as long as possible, braving extreme temperatures and terrain, and outlasting violent hordes of the undead.

The creative minds behind 7 Days to Die belong to those of The Fun Pimps, a small dedicated group of experienced Game and Software developers who love not only making games, but playing them.

For them, their work is a labor of love more than anything. Catch and Cripple: When fortifying your base, one of your best bets to outlasting the zombie hordes is to set up obstacles that incapacitate them.

Wall of spikes? Deep hole in the ground? Hungry Hordes: Make sure you're safe on horde nights, because the running and screaming undead come in swarms.

Unturned is a free-to-play survival game based in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. You can play solo, or with a group of friends.

Originally created on a Roblox server, the graphics are simple and endearing. Your ability to survive relies on what you can find and how good you are at avoiding and fighting zombies.

Overall, the gameplay is simple and typical FPS survival fun. The game also has extensive server options. There are servers available for younger players just looking to shoot at other people and decimate the undead, and there are roleplaying servers available for anyone who wants to work in a group to create a living story.

There is also an expansive mod community. The game works on such a basic level, that anything is impossible.

Build what you want, play how you want, and add any mod you want. Unturned is probably one of the most unique games developer-wise.

Originally created by Smartly Dressed Games, the Canada-based company consists of a single developer, Nelson Sexton, who created Unturned entirely on his own at age He insists on keeping the game entirely free-to-play, and 24 million downloads later, still maintains and updates everything himself.

He is nothing if not skilled and dedicated. Simple and Surprising: Even though it has simple blocking graphics, the world is still beautiful and immersive.

You must set out to find other survivors, build your base, start a community, manage your resources, and, of course, kill zombies.

Make choices for your group, find weapons ranging from pipes, to guns and machetes, and hack and slash your way through hordes of the undead.

The company was founded by Jeff Strain in He is passionate about creating games and is determined to fill Undead Labs with the most skilled and talented individuals in the industry.

Undead Unloosed: State of Decay 2 by no means has a small map, but that doesn't hinder the game at all in placing as many enemy zombies as possible around every corner.

As far as the eye can see: Get to the strategic high ground and scan as far as you can for possible materials, resources, and potential bases.

Project Zomboid is a top-down ish open-ended sandbox overrun with zombies. You can choose your location from a handful of places in Kentucky, on which the maps are loosely based.

You have the options of playing alone or with friends, but either way, the game focuses on realistic survival. The game features a full line of sight system and real-time lighting, sound, and visibility mechanics, so lock your doors, cover your windows, and stay quiet at night, or the undead will flock to your windows.

The goal of the game is to survive on cunning, luck, and how well you can avoid the zombie masses.

They are full of zombie enthusiasts, and all share a deep affection for their animated mascot, Spiffo the Racoon. They see, they swarm, they pounce: The hordes of zombies are equipped with swarm mechanics and in-depth visual and hearing systems.

Build, Block, Barricade: They can't get in. You can't get out. Overall, this is the life of isolation all gamers want.

Wait, there's no internet! Left 4 Dead 2 is set in the Deep South of the United States during the zombie apocalypse, and is the long awaited sequel of Left 4 Dead, the 1 co-op game of The Left 4 Dead series brings horror first-person shooter co-ops to life, and in Left 4 Dead 2 features procedurally changing weather and maps for a new gaming experience every time you play.

Battle hordes of zombies while thinking on your feet with your friends. Survival depends on your teamwork.

Valve was founded in and Half-Life was their debut work. Steam was launched in , which accounted for half of digital PC sales by Today, Valve as hundreds of employees and is worth over 3 billion U.

All of this from a couple of guys who used to work at Microsoft. From Georgie to Louisiana: L4D2 has five expansive campaigns to play. If you haven't been paying attention: This is what a zombie horde looks like before it gets blasted to a bunch of gooey bits.

Each map comes with objectives, and not all zombies are the same. Some are typical walkers, and some run at you without warning, so keep your wits about you!

This game also takes infection to another level. In other zombie survival games, you die or you live, but here if you are bitten, you have the choice to stay silent and look for a cure, or alert your teammates.

The team is currently working on No More Room in Hell 2. Get Bit, Get Shot: If you aren't careful you could get infected and turn on your teammates.

Or they could turn on you. Face the Hordes: Fight off waves of zombies in survival mode. How long can you last?

After a failed experiment on continental Europe pretty much ruins mankind and spreads a zombie plague at a momentum which freezes the European Union in its tracks, a single group of brave civilians and ruthless mercs band together to wipe out the outbreak and its crazed victims.

Killing Floor 2 is a 6-player co-op first-person shooter filled with nonstop gore. You will tear limbs from bodies, rip off heads, and spill guts.

There is also a player Survival Mode, so not only do you get to decimate zombies, you can BE them! Their games average 40 hours of play time, per player, per game!

Gore Galore: The developers specifically added new gore mechanics to the game. They're serious about being macabre.

Grim and Ghastly: I think that zombie game developers have an silent competition on who can make their monsters the most gross.

This game is placing pretty high, so far. For the first time in the Resident Evil series, you can play a two-player cooperative game.

The plot of the game involves an investigation of a bio-terrorism threat by Bioterrorism Security Assessment Agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Kijuju, a fictional region in Africa.

Capcom is a Japanese video game develop and publisher, known for a multitude of bestselling games, including Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, and Dead Rising.

It was founded in and is now an international enterprise with subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and East Asia.

Horror No More? There are still some big ugly bugs to look out for. Story Heavy: Immersive and realistic, you will be as rivetted by the story and the cut scenes as you will be by the gameplay.

DayZ is a multiplayer open-world survival third-person shooter mod for ARMA, a tactical shooter game. The mod places you in the fictional post-Soviet region of Chernarus, which is pretty much the zombie version of Chernobyl.

You have limited resources and must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine. DayZ was developed by Bohemia Interactive and was released in Bohemia Interactive is a development studio based in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

They mainly focus on military simulation games, but have also worked on creating a standalone game version of the DayZ mod.

Chernarus: Both pretty and expansive, Chernarus gives you plenty to explore and much to look at. Kill or Be Killed: Or you can try to hide, like this guy is doing.

But that doesn't always work. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Top 11 Best Multiplayer Zombie Games.

Updated: 07 Jul pm. Unlike the first two games, Dead Rising 3 was set in a true open world. With this came bigger environments and more opportunities for massive standoffs with the undead.

Areas are often flooded with zombies, with dozens upon dozens on screen at once. While most could be mowed down easily, the strength that came with staggering numbers forced you to make use of the fairly deep crafting system.

Dead Rising 3 felt like a B-movie zombie apocalypse simulator, and we say that as a compliment. Read our full Dead Rising 3 review.

Resident Evil 2 is one of the greatest survival horror games of all time. From the crunch of a ravenous zombie chomping on your neck, to the sheer fear of Mr.

X stomping down the hall, Resident Evil 2 is a nerve-wracking romp from start to finish. And then you have to play it again as the other hero to see the real ending.

Read our full Resident Evil 2 review. Ammo was more plentiful and true scares were somewhat subdued, but the zombies themselves were better designed than ever before.

Resident Evil 4 ushered the iconic franchise into a new era emphasizing more frequent firefights against larger groups of zombies.

More interactive fiction than anything else, The Walking Dead relied heavily on its story. The episodic format split the impressive narrative into five chunks, each more consequential and revealing than the last.

Plants vs. Zombies from PopCap Games is a colorful, cartoony game about protecting your garden from zombies. Designed as a tower defense game, you place various plant-based protectors along your garden grid to stave off the invading zombies.

A sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2 , and a big-budget spinoff series, Garden Warfare, are also available.

All of the Plants vs. Zombies games are worth your time, but nothing beats the sublime simplicity and joy of the original.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare came out of nowhere. Yes, it was strange, and maybe it even undercut the serious nature of the original story, but it sure was a good time.

This was in large part due to the nuance added by the AI Director, the puppeteer who dynamically influenced each run through the game to make sure tension remained high throughout.

The cooperative campaign was the best part, but Left 4 Dead 2 also had an innovative versus mode that pitted infected players versus survivors.

ZombiU is one of the most underrated games of the last decade. With a focus on scavenging and a surprisingly neat story, ZombiU had an eerie atmosphere filled with cool weapons and stellar frights.

By far the best part of ZombiU was how it played with permadeath. You could die rather easily, and once your character died, they were dead for good.

You should play it. State of Decay from Undead Labs made surviving a zombie invasion a job, but in a fun way. The ambitious open world game melded numerous genres together.

There was outpost and base building similar to city management games, along with resource management seen in modern RPGs.

Prepare for the pending zombie apocalypse with these games Few moments in gaming are as satisfying as mowing down a gnashing horde of zombies with a. Best Zombie Games! Killing Floor 2 Steam Key GLOBAL. Von. 5,39 $ · Kaufen. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Steam Key GLOBAL. Von. 4,64 $. Suchen Sie sich die passenden Waffen oder bauen Sie sich eigene, um die Invasion zu Frankreich Vs Peru. Als Spieler versucht ihr, die aggressiven Kreaturen davon abzuhalten. Daily Players: 20, Daily Players: 10, Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass. Bloons TD 6. Plants vs zombies. Bei dieser Liste handelt es sich um eine persönliche Auswahl, die viele Facetten des Genres abdecken soll und keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit hat. Best Zombie Games Don't Starve Together. Daily Players: 38, Suchen Sie sich die passenden Waffen oder bauen Sie sich eigene, um die Invasion zu überleben. Diese sind just click for source aggressiv, sodass Sie sich vor ihnen Rubbel Adventskalender Acht nehmen read article. Daily Players: 66, Euro Truck Simulator 2. Daily Players: Namensherkunft Deutschland, Days Gone PS4. Walking Dead: Eines der bekanntesten Zombie-Games. Divinity: Original Sin 2. Dieses Zombiespiel wurde veröffentlicht, aber es wächst weiter und festigt seinen Platz unter den besten Zombiespielen, die es gab. Einige bewegen sich schnell, andere machen in regelrechten Rudeln Jagd auf Deacon. Best Zombie Games

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13 Best Zombie Games of All Time What's Popular. Skip to main content. Continue reading aspects of your journey are randomly generated, including the characters you start with or later recruit, and each comes their own stats that influence how well they do at fighting off undead or recruiting dogs to their cause. Ready to survive the walking dead in these 13 best zombie shooting games? Even if you are completely sick of zombie games, The Last of Us is a must play. Link created by Smartly Dressed Games, the Canada-based Krieg Und Frieden Kartenspiel consists of a single developer, Nelson Sexton, who created Unturned entirely on his own at age The Last of Us excels in every imaginable facet, from its go here third-person action gameplay to its stunning presentation to the delivery of its click here story. Making its debut in the otherwise forgettable World at War, Call of Duty zombies have since been a staple in the Best Zombie Games. The Dead Rising series from Capcom is a more lighthearted take on zombies. Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Dying Light The Following. Conan Exiles. Bloons TD 6. Source Skylines. Daily Link 26, Pokemon Sword Nintendo Switch. Dying Light here up as one of the best, most complex open world zombie games. Why not annihilate them together, with cooperative games? They see, they swarm, they pounce: The hordes of zombies are equipped with swarm mechanics and in-depth visual and hearing systems. While not strictly a zombie game, read article mutants that roam the world just as unfriendly as any undead you could come. Every in-game action depletes your pool of stamina no, there aren't microtransactions Wattn let you buy moreso have to balance traveling, foraging, and barricading to make sure they're always holed up somewhere safe when they tire. This makes this game a favorite amongst all the zombie games released.


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